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About Us

Today, BUSLAM is a multi-faceted entity trained, certified, and licensed to offer services ranging from Development, Design-Build, Brokerage and Assets Operations, enabling BUSLAM to develop and implement turnkey projects from inception to culmination and the subsequent operation of the created assets inventory without searching for affiliations outside our organization, achieving a substantial decrease in our overhead costs during our creative assets production and consequent commercialization process.

In BUSLAM we are not focused on closing a business transaction for the sole satisfaction of profiting, we are focused on a vision of growth and development in our service quality and offering such services to a wider range of clients. We respectfully offer you the opportunity to be part of our respected friendly group and make it, “Your Respected Friendly Group”.

We are confident that with our diverse experience and ability BUSLAM should be a valuable “asset” for you.

Our History

Mr. Ivan Busto Sr. – Founder

Our founders Mr. Ivan Busto Sr. and his eldest son Mr. Ivan Busto Jr., BUSLAM’s current CEO,  possess a proven track record as professionals in the industries of Real Estate Assets Management for over 30 years, first working for other well-known developers and subsequently founding in 2002 BUSLAM “Your Respected Friendly Group”, which today is a name and brand recognized for its professionalism and competence.


Mr. Ivan Busto Jr.

In Mr. Ivan Busto Jr. own words: “I relied on my father and my son, because really we have written together our own history, learning from our successes and failures, anyone with common sense knows that experience is very important and the created values must be protected, but to oppose the progress, is the beginning of the end of any dream, so I’m convinced that the mixture of honesty, integrity, experience, training, preservation, sustainability, investment, and new technology is what keeps us today and will continue to keep us in the forefront of the major providers of our services, and for this we also show a great deal of gratitude to our family of investors and customers”.


Mr. Ivan Busto III

In later years with the inception of Mr. Ivan Busto III, BUSLAM’s current president, the vision extended to a renewed attitude towards the company’s future. Mr. Ivan Busto III and Mr. Ivan Busto Jr. began working on a strategy to take the company to greater levels of infrastructure, commitment, and diversity, such as asset’s historic values preservation, natural environment engage and placement in the Real Estate Industry as a more integral firm.


Throughout the years both have been able to achieve each goal in an expedited timely manner, accomplishment which they now attribute to a company that was build and started on a solid foundation of customer service, commitment with the community, society and the environment,  turning BUSLAM to “Your respected Friendly Group”.


They accomplished this by standing at the forefront of the industry with their implementations of new and upcoming ways to perform in the same with their original ethical and mission based standards, with inherent attention to detail, teamwork and an unprecedented fathers and son relationship that stems from exceptional family values.


After the beautiful Miami’s unprecedented expansion In the later years our company emphasis and focus has been in the Development of our Environment and the Historic Preservation and Renovation sectors, as a diversified and sustained firm, BUSLAM, has focused its growth in becoming one of the most diverse and conscious organization in our industry, while at the same time developing our backed company in several key sectors of the industry to provide our investors with the service and expertise they expect from “Your Respected Friendly Group”. As an integrated developer BUSLAM is dedicated to acquiring, renovating, creating, and managing the assets operations that are supported by real estate.

Our work with the investors does-not stop once the project is completed— our operations division oversees each developed asset to put efficient and successful management in place. Once a project is up and running, our investors receive consistent and up-to-date reporting. We always offer ongoing expert support to ensure success.

Some of the most prevalent sectors of expertise on which our company has evolved over the years becoming one of the leading contenders in the same to our assets management are the Environmental Engagement, Historic Preservation, Hospitality, Mixed/Multifamily Use, Commercial/Residential Use and Institutional/Public Sectors.

Historic Preservation
In the modern World, preserving historic buildings is a crucial necessity to retaining our created values, heritage, and history. It is also environmentally practical, basically for their large-scale of recycling contribution. Historic preservation reduces the need for new materials and the other costs of demolition, BUSLAM is committed and conscious to this philosophy and works hard to achieving this goal.

Over the past many years BUSLAM has preserved and renovated over 100 Million in assets, and our pipeline projects on City of Miami Beach, currently under design and permitting is showing an additional 150 Million in assets in said city in the next 3 years. To provide a bit of background in the subject, as described in an article by the Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) “Four of the local Miami Beach Historic Districts (Española Way, Collins / Washington Avenues, Museum, and Flamingo Park) together comprise the National Register Art Deco District. For more on this subject please refer to the following link:

We detail the process of historic preservation in the City of Miami Beach as follows:

1. Land Acquisition.
2. Historic/Design Assessments.
3. Physical Assessment.
4. Land Use and Zoning Assessment.
5. Oversight of Conceptual Development and Design.
6. Oversight of Historic Preservation Staff and Board Presentations and Approvals.
7. Oversight of Construction Document Development and Design.
8. In House Permitting and Construction Document Approval.
9. Funding Analysis and Acquisition.
10. Budget Analysis and Acquisition.
11. Project Bidding, Development and Construction.
12. Asset Operation-Management and Maintenance.
One more focused sector by BUSLAM in the latest years is the Hospitality. The hotel industry is on a perpetual rise, as the modern way of life and the increasingly favorable economic trends are opening the doors to worldwide travel – business and pleasure alike. This favorable climate creates an opportune environment for our investors when looking to get into the hospitality game.

However, as with any new business venture, getting an hotel off the ground is no easy feat to accomplish, for this reason BUSLAM is here with our demonstrated experience on this sector to simplify the process of your projected hotel idea during the property acquisition, design, construction and subsequent asset operation to get your dream underway:

1. Property Acquisition.
2. Historic and/or Design Assessments.
3. Physical Assessment to renovation.
4. Land Use and Zoning Assessment.
5. Oversight of Conceptual Development and Design.
6. Oversight of Historic Preservation Staff and Board Presentations and Approvals if necessary.
7. Oversight of Construction Document Development and Design.
8. In House Permitting and Construction Document Approval.
9. Funding Analysis and Acquisition.
10. Budget Analysis and Acquisition.
11. Project Bidding, Development and Construction.
12. Asset Operation-Management and Maintenance.
Since its inception our company has been geared towards the new construction industry, developing prowess and expertise in the following processes, we accomplished this by maintaining an inhouse approach and complete control over our projects:

1. Land Acquisition.
2. Historic and/or Design Assessments.
3. Land Use and Zoning Assessment.
4. Oversight of Conceptual Development and Design.
5. Oversight of Construction Document Development and Design.
6. In House Permitting and Construction Document Approval.
7. Funding Analysis and Acquisition.
8. Budget Analysis and Acquisition.
9. Project Bidding, Development and Construction.
10. Asset Operation-Management and Maintenance.
Institutional-Government Sector
As a contributing member of society BUSLAM has always been an accomplished public sector vendor, establishing a long record of achievements and qualifications in the same, which has created in our firm a tremendous expertise with the following Government Departments:

1. Miami Dade County
2. Public Housing and Community Development.
3. Miami Public School
4. Florida Department of Transportation.
5. Port of Miami.
6. Aviation
7. Miami Dade Parks and Recreation.
8. Miami Dade Fire Rescue
BUSLAM as a Leadership LEED certified organization promotes in any project the use of the Energy and Environmental Design concept, our continually growing vendor network of specialized suppliers, enables us to access large quantities of renewable materials, the most advanced green energy solutions, and other means of creating resiliency and effectively reducing our impact on the environment.

We are dedicated to promoting during the design process that all projects leave a zero-carbon footprint by incorporating recycled materials and providing our clients the option to incorporate renewable energy sources to power their projects to a next level of sustainability.

BUSLAM also understands how different climates – and such associated factors as relative temperatures and humidity – can affect the structural integrity of buildings as we are a dedicated organization which focuses on the historic preservation of our assets.
BUSLAM’s design-build and subsequent operation techniques are based on our extensive experience in global and environmental protection, we optimize the synergy between a project and its environment, through the development of localized strategies during said design-build and subsequent operation phases, emphasizing in the selection of materials, finishes and supplies which will ensure said protection with durability, resiliency, preservation and functionality.


Ivan Busto Jr. Founder - CEO
Ivan Busto III President – CFO

Executive Staff

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